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Barcelona – Spain – Europe

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Releases appeared on:
Kne’Deep, Cause Records, Mental Torments, G-Not, iFactor Records, Sound Attack Records amm.

Bruce is an italian DJ and producer with an unique energy expressed through his techno and hardtechno productions, Dj-sets and LIVE PA’s. His passion for music started when he was very young, counting with influences of rock, dance and house music. One of his earlier inpirations among electronic music artists was DJ Rush , who brightened his awareness towards these genres, altering his perception of electronic music.

Working hard and keeping up his work, Bruce has done several tracks and remixes for labels such as Kne’Deep, Distorted, Cause, Cannibal Society, Mental Torment, Audio Code, Kube, Sonic Speed, G-Not, Hard Tunes. Putting lots of love and energy in his work there were numerous entries in the techno/hardtechno tops in different vinyl and digital shops done by Bruce, bringing his work to the biggest clubs and festivals over the globe. One of the greatest marks in his producer carreer was a collaboration with Dj Rush for an Ep called „Rhythm Composers“.

In the console, DJ Bruce has shared stages with famous artist from the scene such as DJ Rush, Pet Duo, Fernanda Martins, O.B.I., Candy Cox, Frank Kvitta, Miss DJAX, Lukas, Eto&Gab, Boris S, Bold, Buchecha, Alex TB, Ivee and many more.