Sonic Speed Records is a renowned imprint for individual, energetic and hard Techno of a changing generation. Founded by crazy musician Bassbottle and based on a small, hidden and unknown island in a lake at the edge of Berlin, the label made it one’s business to release chequered quality tracks full of ideas and recognition value, made by like-minded people from all over the world. With these Sonic Speed Warriors and by recruiting an army of so-called Sonic Speed Soldiers, Bassbottle and his label will make the world a place of bass, dance and happiness.

His label, Sonic Speed Records, is a hardtechno label that has been putting out music since 2009.

If you’ve ever seen their cover art, you’ll know that this is one hardtechno label that doesn’t take life all that seriously – Fabian and the gang just want to have FUN.


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