Upcoming compilations with SSR material

Hi folks, there will be some compilations featuring or Sonic Speed Warriors and their music. Watch out for it!


Symphony of Techno, Vol. 3

Including „Hardclash – Do You Want Bass Bass Bass“

Release date: 04.02.2017

symphony of techno


Madness Techno, Vol. 2

Including „Bruce – Love“

Release date: 11.02.2017

Madness Techno Vol 2


No Rules Hard Techno, Vol. 1

Including „eddy0ne – Cycrisis“

Release date: 04.03.2017

no rules hard techno vol 1


Techno Warriors 2017, Vol. 1

Including „Satoshi Honjo – Began In Africa“

Release date: 04.03.2017

techno warriors 2017 vol 1

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