apocalypse hard techno vol 1

New compilation with Sonic Speed Warrior Mox

Check out this fire compilation called Apocalypse Hard Techno, Vol. 1, including „Mox – Fire Walk With Me“, released on Strength EP.

Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload | Spotify amm.


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struggle hardtechno vol 1

compilation with Bassbottle tune

Check out S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E. Hard Techno, Vol. 1 including „Bassbottle – Cocaine“.


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Serious problems with one of our members

Hello. Again we have read the same stories we already read months before. It seems to repeat. One of our Sonic Speed Warriors really tries to test the complete Hardtechno scene. We really don’t know why he needs this kind of attention and acts this rude against other artists...

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Upcoming compilations with SSR material

Hi folks, there will be some compilations featuring or Sonic Speed Warriors and their music. Watch out for it!

Symphony of Techno, Vol. 3

Including „Hardclash – Do You Want Bass Bass Bass“

Release date: 04.02.2017

symphony of techno

Madness Techno, Vol. 2

Including „Bruce – Love“

Release d...

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SCHUBfaktor Podcast mixed by Bassbottle

Listen to the Bassbottle podcast for SCHUBfaktor Music hosted by Mario Ranieri! It features some of our releases.

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Homepage finished

So far everything neccessary is edited. Especially all artists and releases. Have fun exploring.

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Artists online

I finished the artists section (Sonic Speed Warriors) with all profiles and lots of information. Check it out!

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Page online

The new page is still under construction, but online (with the new logo). Finally after such a long time.

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